Strofilia's story begins in 1980 when two friends and colleagues, Giannis Maltezos and Achilleas Lampsidis, decided to plant vines on the Maltezos family estate at Tourkochorafo near Anavyssos. They opted for foreign grape varieties with a view to producing a superior product. Having brought the old wine press at Agios Georgios, near Palaia Fokaia, back into service in the meantime, they pressed their first vintage (1984) in the traditional manner: with their feet! The wine - the red a Cabernet Sauvignon, the white a blend of Savatiano and Ugni blanc - was bottled and christened "Strofilia".

Both wines proved successful, and it was decided to increase production using the vines that were already grown in the vicinity—Savatiano and Roditis—which had until then been used almost exclusively in retsina production. Strofilia showed that when harvested early and processed carefully, these two Greek varieties could produce a fascinating white wine with a discrete bouquet.

In 1985, a third friend, the chemist, joined Strofilia and the company was registered as a societe anonyme and began to employ young people from the area. At the same time, the company opened the Strofilia Wine Bar — Greece's first — in downtown Athens, whose considerable and long-lived success would play a part in changing Greek perceptions of wine and educating consumers.

In 1988, a small modern winery was built on the estate which brought with it a further increase in quality and permitted both increased production and a more wide-ranging collaboration with wine-growers in Anavyssos. The local wine also received official acknowledgment in the granting of its own appellation of origin: "Local wine of Anavyssos".

In 2001, Strofilia SA merged with Katogi Averoff SA; united by friendship and a shared vision of the future, Katogi and Strofilia SA could now look ahead to a bright future.

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