Our Wines
  • Katogi Averoff White
    Katogi Averoff White
    A white wine with golden reflections, aromas of fruit and flowers, a harmonious flavour and rich aftertaste.
  • Strofilia White
    Strofilia White
    Yellow colour with green tints. It is very expressive, with aromas of citrus and fresh tropical fruits. Medium bodied with a refreshing acidity, it shows complexity and a long persistent finish.
  • Xinomavro Averoff
    Xinomavro Averoff
    A dry red wine, of a bright ruby colour with tints of purple. Aromas of red fruits and spices, with notes of violet and liquorice can be detected in the nose. Its tannins, which are immediately perceptible without being aggressive, its acidity, which retains the freshness of its characteristics for years, and its complex structure make up a wine of distinction with a strong after-taste.
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Katogi & Strofilia S.A. announces a new era for its wineries
( 16/01/17)
Katogi & Strofilia S.A. announces a new era for its wineries

After 16 years of a harmonious and productive collaboration, Katogi & Strofilia S.A. passes on the baton to its wineries. Since 1 January 2017, Katogi Averoff and Strofilia have been going their separate ways, each company pursuing a new, independent path.


This development will enable the new generation of shareholders to use to maximum benefit the distinct characteristics and family backgrounds that make each winery unique.


The two, now separate companies will continue to make their wines available for sale in Greece and other countries.

Our new contact details:

For Katogi Averoff

Τ: +30 2106778244

F: +30 2106715543

Email: welcome@katogiaveroff.gr



For Strofilia

Τ: +30 22910 41650

F: +30 22910 38850

Email: info@strofiliawines.gr


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