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Hotel-Winery Katogi Averoff

The Katogi Averof hotel & winery opened its door to the public in 2008. A pioneering Greek wine tourism operation situated in a magical natural landscape, the hotel & winery seeks to combine the world of wine with art and hospitality.

The hotel's fifteen luxuriously appointed rooms enjoy views of the winery or Metsovo's magnificent scenery, while their decor, like our wine, comes in red or white. The ambience blends wine with works of art, the aroma of must, the crackle of open fires and the warmth of smiling faces; its architecture exudes a discrete luxury and a contemporary aesthetic in which aspects of the local Epirote tradition are combined with Mediterranean elegance.

Visiting the wine cellars, the visitor is treated to an atmospheric audio-visual stroll through the alluring world of wine, the history of the winery and the wine-making process. The visitor can round off the experience with wine tasting or, alternatively, take a stroll around the vineyards, the forest or the surrounding hills, take in the sights, sounds and traditions of Metsovo, or go on excursions slightly further afield.

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