Xinomavro Averoff

Xinomavro Averoff
Serving Suggestions
Enjoy it with game, roasts and casseroled meat.
A dry red wine, of a bright ruby colour with tints of purple. Aromas of red fruits and spices, with notes of violet and liquorice can be detected in the nose. Its tannins, which are immediately perceptible without being aggressive, its acidity, which retains the freshness of its characteristics for years, and its complex structure make up a wine of distinction with a strong after-taste.
Cold pre-fermentation maceration at a temperature of 15° C for seven days. Fermentation and then maceration for approximately 20 days at temperatures ranging from 30° - 32° C then follows. The new wine is transferred to oak barrels for malolactic fermentation to take place; it remains there on its lees for a period of two months with constant stirring. When the malolactic fermentation is completed, the lees are removed, and maturation in the barrels continues for at least a further ten months.
Other Characteristics
RegionVineyards in the area of Rountina in Naoussa Region. The vineyards are linear and their loads are strictly checked to see that they do not exceed 900 kg. per stremma.
VintageFrom the middle to the end of September
Xinomavro Averoff

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